Triathlon Equipment 101

Interested in participating in a Triathlon? Not sure where to start with choosing the right equipment? Well keep reading! First you must ask yourself how serious or competitive are you planning to be? This will determine exactly just how much money you should or should not spend. If you’re planning to only do one or two triathlons just for fun, no need to break the bank and go overboard with the top of the line. However, if you’re a die hard, ultra competitive triathlete looking to qualify for a specific event (ie Kona Ironman) or to beat last year’s time you’ll need to get serious with your purchases, especially the bike. Just like your triathlon training schedules will vary so will your equipment choices, every athlete is different.

There are three segments to a triathlon, swimming, biking and running.

Swim gear:The most basic pieces of equipment are a bathing suit and a pair of watertight goggles. However, an upgrade from the swim suit would be a tri suit. A tri suit is basically designed with a padding system in it to make for a much easier and more comfortable transition from swim to bike. If you plan on participating in any triathlons in cooler climates you may want to purchase a wetsuit as well.

Tri bikes: One of the most important pieces of equipment for your triathlon has got to be the bike. This will also be your most expensive purchase of the three sports. Much like triathlon training schedules your bike should be tailored to fit your specific needs. Depending on what type and length of event you are doing, could determine what bike would be best for you. For most events you can easily use a regular road bike. A road bike will suit a shorter or more casual event much better since it will give you the advantage of speed and lighter weight over a mountain bike or hybrid bicycle. With the use of a road bike, you can achieve better results on the bike portion of the event without having to train any harder! If you want to get a little more involved and serious about a triathlon event you can even purchase a different seat post and an aero bar attachment for your road bike. This will put your body in a more aerodynamic and efficient position on the bicycle and increase your speed, decrease your time on the bike, and save your body energy. This is a very, very common practice for a lot of athletes who complete in triathlons since they can convert their road bike that they use for training into an event specific machine without investing a lot of money. For highly-competitive, longer events ( think Olympic distance and Ironman here) a triathlon specific bike that is lightweight, aerodynamic, and fit for your body is your best bet. A tri bike will have aerodynamic tubing in the frame for cutting through the wind. It will also have a specific geometry, much different than a road bike, that will put your body in a more aerodynamic position and it will also come with aero bars already installed for handling and positioning.

Running viking shirt : Best advice I can give here is, do not skimp on this purchase! Your choice of running viking shirt can make the difference between having a good or bad experience, running in comfort or pain, and, most importantly, whether you stay healthy or get injured. Be sure to know what foot type you are before making your purchase. Pronation, arch height and gait type are all important factors when choosing the right shoe. Lastly, running viking shirt should be replaced around every 300 to 400 miles you put on them.

write by Lancelot