Simple And Inexpensive Personalized Gift Ideas

The pool of personalized gifts has evolved from clichéd coffee mugs sporting a person’s name or photo into trendy and unique jigsaw puzzles, height charts for kids, wall stickers and yoga mats. The list is virtually endless.

What makes a personalized gift so special is the time and thought taken to satisfy the recipient, unlike store-bought products which are undoubtedly very upscale and finely finished but too impersonal. Suffice it to say, personalized items are more cherished especially if they’re functional.

Personalized throw for mothers

Make sure loved ones remember you with a personalized throw that’s useful as it is thoughtful. For an upscale touch, choose cashmere and rich colors like wine red, deep purple or charcoal grey. Have the recipient’s initials embroidered (never the name unless you’re presenting it to a child) in a tasteful font.

Personalized tee (lưới cầu thang)

No, not a grainy photo that went out of fashion over a decade ago. We’re talking about cute kids’ t-shirts featuring their favorite cartoon character, doll or truck. With screen and digital printing, it’s now possible to create custom designs that perfectly match the concepts. This idea is great for a first birthday but works for children of all ages too.

Personalized necklace

Make parents proud by ordering a personalized necklace featuring their baby. For less than $20, you can get a well-finished, durable pendant sporting their baby’s picture on the front. Or, go for a name necklace (an old idea but a good one) that children can wear. They’ll be proud to show it off!

Personalized height chart

What kid doesn’t love to see how tall he’s grown in the past few months? Rather than use a store-bought height chart, get him a personalized one with his favorite cartoon character. Gift makers allow you to pen a quote or two in addition to having the child’s name placed on the chart.

Personalized name labels

Name labels are versatile items that can be used on doors, wardrobes, toys, books, philadelphia phillies hoodies and almost any object that they can adhere to. Custom makers carry an assortment of styles and shapes together with graphics choices like animals, cars, dolls, flowers etc.

Personalized bib

Personalized bibs are another great idea. Any new parent will love them because they’re useful, can be reused many times and don’t damage quickly. Have a name sticker ironed on or embroidered along with graphics suitable for very young children.

Wall decals

Decals are the perfect way to decorate children’s rooms. Unlike wallpapers which are messy to replace, decals come off easily without leaving a discernible mark. There’re so many designs to choose too. Little boys’ rooms can be done up with ‘boyish’ decals like fire trucks, robots, hydrants and spaceships while girls’ bedrooms can be adorned with fairies, butterflies, stars and moons.

Personalized canvas art

Spruce up study rooms and bedrooms with fun canvas art detailing what your child loves to do. With a dedicated space, children can even add more embellishments in the form of doodles and cartoons. You can custom order several and space them together on a feature wall.

Personalized stool

You don’t have to purchase a new custom-made stool, just order personalized stickers or decals and paste them on. It’s an inexpensive way to customize a child’s seat and one that he or she will love using.

write by gonzalez