Rock Star Mickey

Last year Mickey Mouse entertained us with his dancing talent as Dance Star Mickey. This year Mickey Mouse returns to entertain us even more… as a rock star! Meet Rock Star Mickey, and feel the magic of rock and roll!

An all new side of Mickey

Rock Star Mickey enters the stage with his cool striped Mickey rock star modern viking clothing (cáp an toàn) , shades, bright red st louis cardinals t shirt , and his awesome guitar. Mickey Mouse takes rock and roll to a whole new level as he talks, walks, and dances to the tune of three built-in songs. Prepare to be mesmerized as Mickey teaches how to do his incredible song and dance moves!

Outstanding repertoire

This rocking mouse treats you to three built-in songs. Press his right foot once and he begins to sing the rock classic, “You Really Got Me”. To add more fun, Rock Star Mickey treats you to a performance like no other with his featured moves: the Head-Bop, the Kick-Step, and the Mickety-Split. Press his right foot the second time and he will sing his signature, “M to the I Rock Star Remix”.

It’s all in the nose

To learn his featured moves, simply press his nose. Mickey will teach you how to Head-Bop, Kick-Step, and Mickety-Split your way to an awesome performance of your own. Mickey loves rocking with you so much that he will teach you a secret move – how to play the guitar with your nose! Now that is a show-stopping move you have there!

The show isn’t over yet

Just when you thought that the show is over. Think again. Rock Star Mickey can mix and match his songs and dance moves so that no two performances will be the same. A child will definitely look forward to what Mickey will do next. Plus, this toy features two interactive games, adding more hours of fun jamming with Mickey.

Rock with Mickey…literally

Rocking with this mouse is not complete with a jam session like no other. With the Rock Star Guitar (sold separately) turn any standard performance into a live jam session with Mickey. Play side by side with Mickey, dance with him, and sing out loud! This new level of interactivity can benefit a child by helping improve self-esteem and confidence. In addition, a child can show off his or her new talents to friends. Soon, everyone will be jamming along with Rock Star Mickey!

Some reminders

It runs on four (4) AA alkaline batteries and requires a Phillips screwdriver when replacing drained out batteries. Just in case Mickey slows down, stops dancing, or doesn’t continue singing, don’t worry. Most of the time all it needs is a fresh set of batteries. The Mouse of Rock doesn’t have any small parts so choking won’t be a concern.

Fisher-Price recommended this toy for children 2 years old and above. The rock and roll mouse is so adorable that adults have also found jamming with Mickey very fun and entertaining. Nothing beats having a jam session with Mom, Dad, and Rock Star Mickey, right?

write by Lionel