Masculinity in Crisis

Gentlemen of the world, I am writing today to a world in crisis. Testosterone levels are dropping. Self-esteem levels and masculinity in males worldwide are dropping. Men the world over are becoming more and more feminized, afraid to express their masculinity out of fear of being demonized.

Before I go on, I want to make one thing clear. I do not believe in forcing ideals of masculinity upon males who have no desire to take them on. That is, if they truly and deeply feel more drawn toward femininity than masculinity, more power to them. Freedom of choice, the rallying cry of the 21st century.

However, more and more lately we see that freedom of choice really only means freedom to choose whatever we deem to be socially acceptable for you to choose. Are you a 100% red-blooded, masculine man? You’re probably a sexist! Check your privilege you cis-gendered white male!

I look around today, and I see weak men. Walking around with an aura of resignation, of defeat. Shoulders slumped, poor posture, a lack of fire in their eyes. Afraid to stand up for themselves, low self-esteem. Lack of muscle mass, skinny fat or fat, one look at them and you can tell they don’t believe in themselves or their physical capabilities.

However, the physical weakness is only a symptom of the weakness of the mind. The physical is the expression of the mental. Your mind perceives, and you sculpt yourself through grit and willpower. Where the mind is weak, the body follows. Where the mind is strong, so is the body.

As much as we would like to disagree with this, due to our ego, our brains and minds are highly susceptible to outside influences from the media. It is simply a product of human nature; it is what allowed us to evolve to become the dominant species on this planet, our ability to adapt to our environment; to change according to external stimuli.

What are the messages we receive from the media today? Girrrllllll power. Do not be confrontational. Go with the flow. Standing up for yourself is wrong. All violence is wrong. Zero tolerance policy. Don’t be a ‘meathead’.

My message to the youth of America is as follows. Stand up. Take back control. It begins with you, it begins with your mind. Control the negative thoughts that poison you. Believe in yourself. Overcome self-limiting beliefs.

You have to start small. Remember this saying: “Your brain needs proof, not promises”. What does that mean? It means if you have never touched a weight in your life, you can’t tell your brain you can squat 300lbs! But if you progress slowly, staring with the empty bar, 135lbs, 185lbs, 225lbs, 275lbs, until eventually you reach 300lbs (making sure you take your protein, of course). And along the way your brain sees proof that your body can lift heavier and heavier weights.

The same goes for social interactions. I used to be cripplingly shy. Fear of judgment. Locked in your own head. Believing that everybody is silently judging you all the time. If you just tell your brain that nobody is doing that, it won’t believe you! But if you slowly start interacting with people more and see that most people are too self-absorbed to think about you (much the way that you are), your brain sees this proof and you become more confident and bolder in social interactions.

This is the power of feedback loops, which will be the subject of another post. For now, don’t hesitate take action.

Remember, action = masculinity.


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